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When I was a young man I was very troubled. All of my mentors and leaders were not very positive in their ideas That they told me about! I suffered in the end and my mind was set back several years I believe! As a result I started working with the youth a few years back ! My goal is has always been only To share positive concept nothing negative whatsoever. For instance I would go up to the Boys and Girls Club gather about 10 young man and share for about 30 minutes. I would use terms like , ā€ I could be playing pro ball right now if I had chosen to put my all in my studies back at your age. As well as been a leader, respected my teachers, stood up for those that were being bullied. Also I wish I wouldā€™ve put 100% into my athletics and my extracurricular activities. I encourage you just to be all around leaders and to do what Iā€™m asking of you and you were not end up where I am telling you that instead of retiring now from a pro career I am telling you that I regret not doing things that I couldā€™ve done achieve success on a high-level!ā€
I remember the kids of always responded very well and listened. Almost like I was a celebrity !
That brought my concept together of something I feel would be almost full proof!
We would start with one school. Possibly a middle school or high school. We would gather the counselors and administration together and ask them to put together A list of 3 to 5 of the most troubled youth in their system. Ones that are close to losing their way and are bound and Destined to have a life of failure and hardship. We would like to change the course of these young menā€™s lives using this program and we believe that itā€™s a great chance that we can.

Phase 1: That being using modern technology which is live video feed ( Skype is an option ) . But I would like to find celebrity athletes as well as any well-known individual who would like participate in changing lives ! 
 Evan Mathis & The Rock ( Evan’s Gym out West) I believe using say Evan Mathis / (former Alabama player/ current NFL ) Deontay Wilder (heavyweight boxing champion of the world) similar names .. actors / athletes/ etc.. One like him who has achieved so much and I really believe can give positive lessons to the youth in a one on one setting using live video feed , giving life lessons. 

A good combination would be An Athlete who has had lot of success without the trouble together ( but at separate times they would be having their 1 on 1 time) with someone like Michael Vick. 

He & similar figures would really be able to relate to A kid and that kid I believe would listen to anything They said and put put into place!
The combination of all these ideas combined with a few troubled Youth headed in the wrong direction. There will be a great chance of complete guidance into a different direction of life! In which the individual will end up being something awesome & amazing, completely different!  
Second phase:3 to 6 months. We would be putting together a house in which the first group of kids we used can stay in .. Staying in a controlled environment where we pump in nothing but positivity and bring and say Alabama athletes who are constantly encouraging ! Also having these 1 on 1 life lesson/ mentoring meetings would be enough ! All of this Of Course we got to get the permission from the parents!!! 
I am starting to put this together and bringing it to the public trying to get a grant possibly!
I have gotten the support of Frank Lary of Northport. He is a former athlete of professional caliber and a legend in Tuscaloosa. 80yr + he is not able to do any of mentoring .. but he did give us permission to use his name for fundraising purposes and to let everyone know that he supports this believes it would a Life Changing program for the youth! He is also giving us his word on signing baseballs and cards for fundraising purposes.Frank Lary of Northport Al
Also , Rick Rush , of Rick Rush Art (http://www.rickrushart.com/) has also given his word in helping with using his art to help raise money & awareness for this life-changing program! http://www.rickrushart.com

If youā€™re interesting in helping out, email positivelivingmentoring@outlook.comhttp://www.rickrushart.com
205-287-2932Leave A Text ! 

we need help with getting the celebrities to help ! Also someone that can help me set up the program and get the first administration to sign on & agree! 
Thank You


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