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 August 28th 2016

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Would you believe that a city government city gas department that provide gas too many surrounding cities in the area there heat and hot water in the cold winters would they be higher than privately owned gas businesses or corporate gas companies such as ALAGASCO… is there anyway possible that a little small gas department in a little town in Alabama could be the king of all gas outfits in the entire United States in the year of 2016? Well the surrounding cities such as Gardendale Alabama claim that they pay a gas bill to their neighboring city hall that stands high and mighty above the elite and all of the most prideful gas outfits! Could there natural gas be special? Is there any truth to the rumor about how this little town are the proud owners of the very same hole that they pump their gas from that some believe is the fountain of youth? Some say that their gas prices are so high because to take one shower each day under that heated water that that precious gas washes them daily actually potentially doubles the lifespan of one who is using this precious commodity .. 
Well for all who have been on social media the past several years wasting their time complaining about how their neighboring gas department is taking their life savings away from paying their child’s tuition with their monthly gas note can put that keyboard down start appreciating the smaller things in life and forget themselves for being such a fool these past several years. THE CEO of this extra ordinary little gas outfits Mayor Jim Lowery can hopefully now sit back on his last term and read the praises and rewards that he is owed.. The fountain of youth has been a legend in a tall tale for centuries. Well they close source to the national Inquirer have been leaking a story that the mayor actually is a Adopted second son to the mighty God Zeus! That’s right, The very close source tells a different story than the one that have been thrown up on social media and Facebook pages tearing Hercules his brother apart for several years claiming that he is stealing right underneath their knows by gouging them via water heater bill, heat pump note, and any other form of natural gas monthly payment form. If the story pans out to be truthful then who was once thought of by the neighboring citizens as someone that they would not urinate on if he was set on fire may now go down as a hero and a legend possibly evening receiving a Nobel Peace Prize.. 
That’s quite a different story then the Facebook post that I checked out earlier where one citizen of the next town says Jim Lowery is a crook and needs to be serving a sentence in the penitentiary he turned my grandmothers gas off last winter & she nearly froze to death! Well sir you didn’t know then that your grandmother wouldn’t even be living if it wasn’t for the mayor and his connection that actually allow your grandmother to have possibly doubled her time here on earth so no she did not freeze sir at least your story didn’t say she did she was actually in 22nd year after The actual Time that she was supposed to have past on . Yes, that now explain why the citizens in the area are so intelligent and attractive! A newly moved in resident of Fultondale tells us that she had a local plumbing company “Ricky Whitworth 🛁Plumbing & AIr” come over to do some work and the technician Jeremy the owner son appeared to be someone that just walked off of Wisteria Lane!” she she explains while giggling.. ” I am from Maine and just did arrive in the area with a job transfer . I never thought about asking how high the gas bill would be but now that I know within a few years I will be more intelligent and more beautiful as well as have double the time on earth otherwise, frankly I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven ! I want to thank no not think I want to praise Fultondale gas and the demigod Mayor Lowery for his hospitality and his blessings he has bestowed upon me! I moved to does area where they stereo type in my head as to what I would expect from an area where inbred breeding grounds and minorities and majorities with cents less than other areas of the country exist. But when I arrived and I walked into the gas department to open my service I saw right away how those behind the desk looked and acted I actually thought the woman was drunk she was so gorgeous but I could not understand her country talking because I thought she was whacked out on vodka. Now I know that she was actually probably 10 or 15 years ahead of my intelligence leveltherefore I have some catching up to do with the citizens in the area so I can look forward to not growing old and weak but growing old and wise with beautiful skin that is derived from the very fountain & well that Ponce De Leon’s was said to have discovered. I actually believe that Jim Lowery was Ponce! He had to of been the one who discovered this he is such a Beautiful human specimen perfect in every way that the son of a god could be!
Yes they say he is adopted by Zeus and only the adoptive brother of Hercules but I want to say that I have my reservations on that theory and I actually believe he is maybe blood relatives to Achilles and actually cousins to Hercules .Thats just my opinion.” She excited praised her leadership. 
So I will conclude this by saying that if anyone is ever in a state of mind or a period of time that you feel like getting up because things are coming down on you people are coming at you like you’ve done them wrong that you may be have stolen The child’s lunch money or something of a desperate nature may make one feel. Rest of sure that me you may not be a God or Kent to a God or even adopted from a God. You may not even live in the area of the fountain of youth gas, But there is always hope that brighter days will come ! One day you may be for closing your home not being able to feed the kids but tomorrow if you do live right , like the examples Fdale City & Gas and what the leadership Have shown . Hope is possible maybe one day you may just may gain praise and be known for what you should be known for. Closing out by thoughts of the humility of the man that was described to possibly be Ponce De Lions has shown is almost like saying something that’s never been seen before. Humble wow so humble to be bashed every single day on social media for years on end and then never say one word about being the actual Man who discovered what will now be a frenzy in the United States to purchase property on the blessed land.  
Do not take the The Demi God Last Term Of Ruling Your Fountain of Youth Powered Gas Heaven Corp For Granted ! Alongside this great Hero will stand his fleet of family and longtime friends that some call the city Fdale Employees . Never again will they be known as your ordinary city government systematic timeslot filler! Treat them right ! Kiss their feet if they want to curse you out at the window so be it count your blessings for living in this blessed kingdom of heaven that you now know as , Your Home in Alabama. 

JT Wallz


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