The Idea of Jangles


Jangles Ā ā€¢

The Idea of Jangles Online ā€¢ Advertising ā€¢ Marketing Digital Media. Ā As an attempt Ā to establish Myself In this Business Of digital Media. .. Designed as A way To help all business owner reach the community with her business name and agenda. I have a passion for helping others & I getting back into community works that I was dedicated too not too long ago .. What a great feeling to be an asset to the community. It’s never to late ! All communities need positive change that starts with the youth and changing lives of the youth which is our next generation. I believe In the great works of Ā Non Profitsā€¢ charities fundraiser ā€¢ as well anything I feel Is Needs Help In Ā my area expertise, digital advertising. If its for a good cause then Jangles Will be there Helch I hope reach the community with your message so contact Jangles with an email what we can do to help you. Tuscaloosa County Alabama